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Unflatten Object with Javascript

Last article, we have discussed about how to flatten an object in any level. In this article, we will be going through how to unflatten an object

Let’s recap the flatted object we have created in the last article

const flattedObject ={
  '': 'Jeff',
  'user.age': 24,
  'user.hobbies': [ 'Piano', 'Software Development', 'Foods' ],
  '': 'Malaysia',
  'user.address.state': 'Kuala Lumpur'

Unflatten Object

In this example, we will be utilizing the Array.prototype.reduce methods to unflatten the object

function unflattenObject(object) {
    let res = {}
    for (key in object) {
        const keys = key.split(".")
        keys.reduce((acc, value, index) => {
            return acc[value] || (acc[value] = keys.length - 1 === index ? object[key] : {})
        }, res)
    return res


  user: {
    name: 'Jeff',
    age: 24,
    hobbies: [ 'Piano', 'Software Development', 'Foods' ],
    address: { 
        country: 'Malaysia',
        state: 'Kuala Lumpur' }


  1. Firstly, we created an object for us to return later.
  2. Iterate the object by using for…in which allow us to acess all keys from the object
  3. However, the key of the object might flatted with nested object by full stop .. For instance, '' should be equavalent to user:{name :{ <value> }}
  4. As we can see from the flattedObject variable. The object keys are combined with the full stop .. So we can separate them by using split method.
  5. As split method will return us an array. Now, we could iterate this array with Array.prototype.reduce method
  6. We first assign the object variable => res as it initial value. Then we can start to iterate the object keys and create the following conditions
    • assign the value to current iterated object key if current index is equal to the last index of the object keys
    • Otherwise, create an empty object and continue iterate for the remaining keys
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